About Haberdabble

My name is Laura and I’m a craft-aholic.

In all seriousness, my home is turning into a mini haberdashery – hence the name for this blog, a cross between haberdashery and dabble as I do like to dabble among crafts. Plus, it’s fun to say out-loud.

My crafts of choice are crochet and cross stitch, although I’ve been wanting to improve my knitting skills for quite a while. I’m not good at knitting and like to think it’s because I have small hands, not because I’m impatient and don’t practice.

My love of craft started at a young age. My mum is just as bad as I am – wanting to try every craft in sight, buying all the materials, and then getting bored after a few weeks/months/years. It’s always exciting to start a new project and watch it blossom before you, even if few of them get finished!

This blog is to help me track my craft projects as I go, and hopefully provide some fun reading and pretty pictures for you. I’m a web designer by trade and built this website myself, so will often be adding new features to this blog. Keep an eye out for them, and if you come up with a cool idea for a feature – do send me a message!