Starting The Nativity

7th November 2015

And….we’re back up to three open projects again (not counting the tags that just need sticky tape – it doesn’t count).

After finishing my Matt Smith as The Doctor Amigurumi doll last week, I couldn’t help but start a new one. Three is the magic number, right?

Nativity Cross Stitch

A few weeks ago, my mum and I took a trip to the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace. We had a great day out, and each come home with a few more things than we probably should have… moving on.

There were quite a few stalls that covered cross stitch, and each had hundreds of pattern to wade though, however one caught my eye. An example of it was displayed on the wall, framed and perfect in all it’s Christmas-y glory. It was the pattern of a nativity scene.

Nativity Cross Stitch

As my husband and I have only been married and living together in a small flat for two years, we don’t have many Christmas decorations, but as this crafty piece celebrated the birth of our Saviour, Jesus, I just had to have it.

Then I got it home and realised that I have to have it done in just a couple of weeks. Panic stations people.

Nativity Cross Stitch

I’ve made a start, even if I haven’t done much, so hopefully you’ll see some progress in the coming weeks!

current cross stitch The Nativity Cross Stitch
  • Fin Langman

    Looks lovely Laura, you can do it! xx