Moogly Afghan CAL 2015 – Block 1

14th November 2015

It doesn’t usually take long for me to get bored of the projects I am currently doing, and want to start a new one. That’s why I try to stick to smaller shorter projects, so that I can get them done quickly and move on. I realise that doesn’t really go for the projects I am working on at the moment…

The Moogly Afghan CAL 2015 comes from the Moogly blog, run by the very talented Tamara. It started back in January, so as usual I am late to the party. The blanket is made up of 24 different crocheted squares that are created by all different designers, and a new square pattern was released every two to three weeks throughout this year.

Moogly Afghan CAL 2015 - Block 1

I like the idea of a blanket made of large squares for two reasons.

Firstly, I can have each square crocheted in a couple of hours, so it doesn’t get boring quickly and I’m not doing endless rows. Each square is almost like starting a new project, so plenty of excitement guaranteed!

Secondly, the large squares mean that there is very little sewing together to do at the end. I always love the crocheting part, but really hate the sewing together part. Only having 24 squares to sew together is far less frustrating that some blankets I’ve done!!

Moogly Afghan CAL 2015 - Block 1

I think that the blanket is designed to be crocheted using Aran yarn (Worsted is you’re in the US), but I have mostly DK at home and I just feel that there are most colours available everywhere in DK yarn, so thought I would go with that.

Looking through my yarn stash though, I came across two colour combinations that I thought would work nicely and I couldn’t choose which I would like best, so I decided to make up the first square in both colour combinations.

Moogly Afghan CAL 2015 - Block 1
Moogly Afghan CAL 2015 - Block 1

The first is a beachy feel using Red Heart Soft Aran in Nature, Ice Blue, and Wheat.

I love the soft, calming tones here, but now I’ve finished it I feel like it just looks a bit dirty. I really love the Red Heart Soft yarn though, as it has a lovely shiny and quality effect.

Moogly Afghan CAL 2015 - Block 1

The second is a Valentines feel, using a King Cole Pricewise DK in Terrcotta, Mushroom and Natural.

I love how the colours contrast together, but how they compliment each other. I really love this combination, but the yarn definitely doesn’t feel as high quality and is DK, so the squares will work up smaller resulting in a smaller blanket, or more squares.

Moogly Afghan CAL 2015 - Block 1

The pattern itself was one of the hardest patterns I’ve followed in a long time, and it took several hours to make up each square.  But it’s beautiful, so you can forgive it! It’s called Tamara’s Kismet and was designed by Jessie who runs the Jessie at Home blog.

The pattern uses the Jacob’s Ladder technique which involves creating very tall stitches and loops and weaving them together to create the plaited effect you see in the middle and in two of the rounds.

Moogly Afghan CAL 2015 - Block 1

Once you get your head around it, it’s not too difficult, but the quadruple-triple stitches take an awful lot of concentration and patience!!

I also seem to crochet tighter than Jessie, so I added an extra round of double-crochet to the blue one. When I came to doing the Valentines one, I changed the last two rows from single-crochet to half-double-crochet and double-crochet as I really wanted to finish in the Natural colour.

Moogly Afghan CAL 2015 - Block 1

I’m still not completely sure which colour combination to go with when I move on to the second square, what do you think?

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