Holiday Sewing

7th November 2015

Back in the summer, my parents treated my husband, my sister and I to two weeks in Florida. Not only was it two weeks of total paradise (and minor exhaustion due to the devil that is Disney), but it was the perfect opportunity to start a new cross stitch.

With the prospect of a ten hour flight ahead of me, I did have a bit of panic at the thought of flight attendants not allowing me to have needles and scissors onboard, but a quick check on the website and turns out, small scissors and sewing needles are allowed (see here). Phew.


Next to choose the cross stitch. I wanted to do something that I could put up as a decoration our home. Most of the time I do cross stitches for cards, or just little keepsakes that I thought we cute, but would really not suit my flat. This time, it had to be something heartwarming and lovely, but with a modern design.

After much googling and scrolling through Etsy and Pinterest, I was sold on this gorgeous design called the ‘I Love You So Very Much Cross Stitch’ by Emma Congdon at Stitchrovia.

If you haven’t seen Emma’s work, you have to take a look at her shop Stitchrovia on Etsy. It’s full of beautiful modern designs and exciting typography that are easy to stitch and would look great on any wall.


I stitched this design mostly on the plane, and then did the finishing touching when I had a spare minute during the Disney week. One evening we had such a horrendous storm that there was no way we were going anywhere. Is it bad that I was secretly happy for more stitching time…?

It only took the first week to have this cross stitch done, so you’ll have to keep posted to find out what I did during the second week!

I haven’t had a chance to iron or frame this yet, but when I do, you’ll be the first to know!