Holiday Sewing – Part 2

7th November 2015

In my last post, I talked about the cross stitch project I sewed during the first week of my summer holiday to Florida this year.

Little did I know that the project I sewed in the second week would start my love for cross stitch magazines.

Usually at the airport before a holiday, I like to peruse the magazine section in WHSmiths at the airport so that I have a little air-time reading available. This was when I stumbled across cross stitch magazines for the first time.

Vintage Roses Cross Stitch

Don’t get me wrong, I knew there were cross stitch magazines, but I didn’t know that there were cool cross stitch magazines!

The June 2015 issue of CrossStitcher sat sparkling on the shelf with this beautiful vintage roses design on the cover. It was beautiful. And not old or weird. It actually looked modern and fresh, and reminded me of the whole Cath Kidston style.

I had to have it.

This worked out perfectly in the second week of the holiday where I needed a new pattern to sew – I  wanted to make the pretty floral pattern! The problem was, I only brought enough supplies for the first project.

Vintage Roses Cross Stitch

It turns out that the USA has some seriously awesome craft stores. Seriously, if you have never been to a Michael’s or a Hobby Lobby, you have not lived (although I’m not sure my husband would agree after the third trip…). Going to these shops was literally the best part of my holiday. Yes, I am that sad.

Vintage Roses Cross Stitch

I managed to get all of the supplies I needed for the Vintage Roses project and for my next project (hush hush, you’ll have to wait and see), and best of all it was so cheap! A skein of DMC embroidery thread in the UK costs about 99p, but in Walmart in the US only costs $0.33! It’s ludicrous. If I’d been allowed, I probably would have bought every colour they make.

Vintage Roses Cross Stitch

I didn’t finish this Vintage Roses project until I got back from my holiday in the end, but I did spend many an evening watching the lightning through the window while I sewed. Turns out that we went to Florida during the hurricane season. We saw some seriously epic storms!

current cross stitch Vintage Roses Cross Stitch