Harry Potter So Far…

7th November 2015

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a huge fan of Harry Potter.

I’ve read the books multiple times, seen the films more times than I would care to admit to, been on the studio tour, visited the new theme park in Florida, and even spent one youthful evening stood in the rain behind the barrier to the red carpet of the premiere of the Goblet of Fire.

I also spend a lot of time trawling the web for new craft projects and ideas. When I stumbled upon the Cloudsfactory store on Etsy, I fell in love.

Giant Harry Potter Cross Stitch

Don’t get me wrong, I have seen plenty of cross stitch patterns about the Harry Potter world before, but this is very very different. This is the biggest and coolest Harry Potter cross stitch I have ever seen.

I managed to get all of the supplies for it while is was in Florida on holiday this year, so it ended up being a lot cheaper than it would have been home. It was definitely a challenge trying to find a piece of aida that large though. It needed to be at least a metre tall on 16 count. I ended up getting an 18 count in a lovely oatmeal colour that makes the whole thing look all old and lovely.

Giant Harry Potter Cross Stitch

Progress has been slow with this one. It takes a long time to even sew a little person, as the tiny 18 count stitches are very deceiving. Plus, the metallic thread makes me want to give up all crafting for good and be miserable forever.

I’ve just made it to the end of the first book (it goes down in order) and am loving watching it come together, even if it is slow.

I’ll keep you posted!

current cross stitch Giant Harry Potter Cross Stitch
  • Samantha Carter

    I know this isn’t a super new post…but I’ve got to ask. What is that holding your cloth? I’ve only ever seen the circles but that looks amazingly cool. Also, hows the epic potter stitching coming along?

    • Heather Hanson Yamamoto

      It’s called a q-snap frame, I believe.