Doctor Who?

7th November 2015

Back in April, my husband bought me a book for my birthday that I had been impatiently dropping hints about for weeks. It’s called ‘Amigurume‘ by Allison Hoffman.

The idea is that you can make any person you like as an amigurumi doll (crocheted doll).

I thought I would ease myself in gently to her style of pattern by purchasing a pre-design doll pattern from her Ravelry Store, and treat my husband to a new toy at the same time.

You see, my husband is a big Who fan. Not the band, the Doctor. He is all about the Who. He doesn’t really watch TV, except for Doctor Who (and Sherlock).

Matt Smith as Doctor Who Amigurumi

Allison has in fact made patterns for many of the Doctor Who characters, but I knew who I would have to make – my husband’s favourite Doctor, Matt Smith (a.k.a. the eleventh Doctor…I think).

I must admit, I started this project back in April and only finished it last week. There was a snag in the middle where I needed a hacksaw to saw down a rod for Mr Smith’s spine and the project sort of got lost in the pile. But we made it in the end!

Matt Smith as Doctor Who Amigurumi

I’m very happy with the result, and my husband was just as happy with his present and says that he now needs a functioning TARDIS for him to use. I’m not sure how functioning I can make it from wool…