Christmas HubCrafts 2015

22nd November 2015

Once a month at my church, Cornerstone Church Kingston, we hold a crafting session called 'HubCrafts'. It's a really fun meeting where lots of women get together for some quality craft time. We share our projects, have a natter, drink tea, and eat lots of cake!

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Moogly Afghan CAL 2015 - Block 1

14th November 2015

It doesn't usually take long for me to get bored of the projects I am currently doing, and want to start a new one. That's why I try to stick to smaller shorter projects, so that I can get them done quickly and move on. I realise that doesn't really go for the projects I am working on at the moment...

Starting The Nativity

7th November 2015

And....we're back up to three open projects again (not counting the tags that just need sticky tape - it doesn't count). After finishing my Matt Smith as The Doctor Amigurumi doll last week, I couldn't help but start a new one. Three is the magic number, right?

Doctor Who?

7th November 2015

Back in April, my husband bought me a book for my birthday that I had been impatiently dropping hints about for weeks. It's called 'Amigurume' by Allison Hoffman.

Stitching Gift Tags

7th November 2015

I like getting those little kits in the cross stitch magazines. They say that you can now get digital download versions of cross stitch magazines on the iPad and the like now, but where's the fun in that? I won't get a kit! I always want the kit.